Rendering Services

Converting Animal By-Products into Usable Commodities

Throughout its 100-year history, SRC has maintained the highest level of integrity and cleanliness in its facilities and has been an active member of the rendering community. SRC continues to explore options, via technology and research, to improve the rendering processes for customers, partners and surrounding communities.

Without an economically feasible way to handle dead animals, we will see a dramatic increase of other ways these animals will be handled, creating a huge health hazard. For that reason, maintaining a local rendering plant is not only important for agriculture, it is important for the whole community. - Charlotte Mitchell, Executive Director - Sacramento County Farm Bureau

Rendering is a result of the world’s demand for animal products. With increase population worldwide, and with standards of living improving in India, China and other developing countries, the demand for meat will only continue to increase. Food demand is expected to double by the year 2030, and animal waste will parallel this rise. Thankfully, renderers are known for being innovative and competitive.

Animal Mortality Removal

Anyone in the cattle and dairy business knows the loss of life is a realization when it comes to raising livestock. The removal of any animal mortality is time sensitive and vital to controlling the spread of diseases. In compliance with California law, SRC’s highly trained dead stock disposal professionals are readily available for timely pick-ups.

Services Available:

  • Regularly Scheduled Pick-Ups
  • Call-Ins Welcome
  • Drop-Off Scheduling
  • Compassionate Uniformed Drivers
  • Trucks Cleaned & Maintained Daily

Fat & Bone Removal

Don’t throw it away, be a part of recycling fat & bone waste. As a healthy and environmentally friendly approach to this type of waste, SRC’s removal service is dependable and efficient.

Collection Services Available:

  • Various Sizes of Collection Equipment
  • Power Washing On-Site
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Regular Schedule Pick-Ups