Providing the Highest Quality Grease Management Services for the Food Processing, Manufacturing and Handling Industries.

SRC Companies accepts, collects and processes (renders) animal waste, yellow grease and used oil materials from supermarkets, butcher shops, restaurants and dairies. These materials that would otherwise be discarded in landfills are instead, recycled. SRC Companies helps the food service industry "keep its doors open" by providing maintenance, repair and preventative services to their grease management systems.

Grease Management Services

Collection & Maintenance

SRC provides grease collection containers to customers for used kitchen oil while limiting our own carbon footprint. Highly trained route supervisors customize schedules to accommodate volume and maintenance needs and the effect on the environment. LEARN MORE

Grease Trap & Interceptor Services

Clean Out, Maintenance and Repair

SRC Companies Grease Trap and Interceptor Division provides unparalleled services to restaurants and food markets. Experienced drivers carefully remove 100% brown grease and waste water at each time of service. A precise system of checks and balances is in place to ensure client safety and satisfaction. LEARN MORE

Rendering Services

Animal, By-product Recycling, Fat & Bone Removal and Animal Mortality Removal

SRC collects and recycles fat and bone materials from supermarkets, butcher shops, and restaurants that would otherwise be discarded. Animal mortality removal services are provided to feedlots, dairies, and ranches. This form of recycling keeps billions of pounds of raw material out of landfills. LEARN MORE

Drain/Line Maintenance

Earth First's EF-001 Restaurant Grease & Odor Control

Cutting Edge Drain Maintenance & Odor Control Solution

SRC Companies has adopted preventative measures to help clients manage their grease disposal systems. Grease systems can malfunction and cause additional plumbing problems, so why not avoid costly repairs and downtime?

SRC is proud to introduce EF-001 Restaurant Grease & Odor Control, Cutting Edge Drain Maintenance & Odor Control Solution. LEARN MORE